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Toxic organizations: towards standardizing denunciation in the care settings

Toxic organizations: towards standardizing denunciation in the care settings

May 2, 2019 – To end the first day of the OTPP Network, the participants welcomed Amélie Perron, Nurse, PhD and Professor in Nursing Science at the University of Ottawa, to talk about the need of standardizing denunciation in the care settings, for example, by systematically using the Safe Staffing Form. This well-received presentation, intended as an invitation to consider acts of denunciation as a collective action, suggests using them regularly in union practice.

“The practices of safe, quality care are strongly represented as being the result of adequate professional skills, up-to-date and consistent with the standards and practices issued by the professional orders, explained Ms. Perron. Skills tend to be mainly associated with assessment and care techniques carried out directly with patients. However, safe, quality care also involves nursing actions specifically directed at the organizations and their administrators, even at external bodies in care settings.”

According to the professor, “denunciation is a form of professional practice which is still poorly understood, not easy, not taught or taught very little in training programs and often not appreciated by the administrators”.

However, denunciation is also a political action tool. Ms. Perron then identified how other industries address denunciation (aviation in particular) and explored the possible actions to collectively engage in for this distinct form of practice.