Négociation nationale 2020

Ms. Lebel, invest in women, not concrete!

Ms. Lebel, invest in women, not concrete!

The latest government offers presented to the APTS-FIQ Alliance are a reheated version! They are insulting! And for the third time, the APTS and FIQ delegates rejected them outright on April 6.

While the negotiating teams will go back to the bargaining table, the APTS-FIQ Alliance wants to mark the occasion and remind the Treasury Board that no agreement is possible until the government offers a major salary catch-up!

The 131,000 APTS and FIQ members are demanding a salary in line with their expertise. A female-dominated profession is as good as a male-dominated trade.

With the latest salary offers, the François Legault government clearly thinks a man is worth more than a woman. Being paid a woman’s wage in 2021 is unacceptable!

Ms. Lebel, invest in the women in the health and social services network and not in concrete!